Add Your Git Commits to Your Website

Tina Huynh
2 min readMay 10, 2022


Have you wanted to share your git commit chart on your personal website? It’s a lot easier than you think!!

Thanks to people such as Jason Long and people on StackOverflow, there are countless of answers! Jason uses obelisk.js, which is a JavaScript library for building isometric pixel objects. You can create bricks, cubes, pyramids, etc. within the HTML5 canvas.

This graph also links to Git Skyline

Here, yoshi389111 creates and updates a very detailed graph of git commits and uses GitHub actions. You’re able to see a beautiful chart of your most used languages, the number of forks, etc. So much detail and you also get a various of style to choose from!

This is how the graphs will appear in your repository once you have run the git action.

There’s a basic green version with a white background, two season versions for Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, a night view version, a night green version with a black background, a night rainbow version, and a git black version. Let me know which one is your favorite!

green version

Northern hemisphere version

Southern hemisphere version

night view version

night green version

night rainbow version

git block version

Happy coding!