Best Contactless Business Card Options

Tina Huynh
4 min readMay 18, 2022


Taptok Cards

TapTok is a revolutionary approach to networking through innovative and customizable contact sharing technologies. Our products eliminate the need for paper business cards and offer a sleek alternative for modern users.


  • Customize your profile
  • Powerful dashboard to get a detailed view of your network
  • Share your contact with one tap
  • No need to install any app!

Essential Cards

Essential card colors: Black, Orange, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink

Customized Cards

NEW Metal Cards

Option: Standard (shown above) or Customized

dot Cards


  • Share your LinkedIn, website, phone number, email, etc. instantly!
  • Share payment info such as Venmo, PayPal, etc.
  • Share social media accounts
  • No app required! It’s compatible with iPhone and Android!
  • Dynamically share what you want with who you want
  • Customization

dot profiles are viewed directly through a browser making dot compatible with all smartphones, both iPhone and Android! The dot.card is a perfect way to connect in any situation. The dot.classic is durable and can be stuck to any surface. And the dot.thin works great under a phone case!

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Linq Cards

With Linq, you can build a page that contains your contact info, website, social media links, photos and videos, appointment scheduling, custom forms, and more — all shareable with just a tap of one of these smart cards! Linq is an unlimited use business card, that you can dynamically change over time.

There’s also Linq for Teams with special features:

  • Integrate with 380+ CRMs
  • See real-time analytic
  • Brand profile and products
  • Standardize team member profiles
  • Share new contacts across your entire team
  • Trigger custom workflows for new contacts
  • Completely customized for your brand
  • Templates to control content from one place
  • Fully-branded ecosystem
  • Automate your networking

Eliminate the waste of business cards that get lost or unused once someone leaves the company.

Measure the ROI of your team’s networking efforts. Track actionable data like shares, clicks, meetings scheduled, and new contacts across your team.

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popl Cards

Instantly share anything with a tap, scan, or send. Share contact info, social media, websites, payment apps, files, videos and more.

Send your digital business card via text, email, airdrop, email signatures, etc. from iPhone or Android without ever needing an app. You can also use one of the products and send your information with just. one. tap.

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HiHello Cards

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards. Not only are digital cards better for the environment, they’re also better for your wallet and will help you make a great first impression.

  • Easily create multiple digital business cards
  • Share your cards with anyone
  • Create virtual backgrounds with your digital card’s QR code
  • Turn paper cards into digital contacts
  • Manage your contacts seamlessly

Your Self-Healing Address Book™ will update itself with your contacts’ latest information, making contact management effortless. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.

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Blinq Cards

Connect wherever you go. Your Blinq digital business card can be easily shared with anyone you meet even if they don’t have the app.

Stand out with a digital business card. Blinq is COVID-safe, secure, environmentally friendly and a real talking point with customers.

When you receive a digital business card, Blinq automatically logs when and where you met your new contact. You can also add notes to your cards to record key customer details.

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